People were Kind ENOUGH to send Testimonials about Clara Jo's services...Have a look! 
I had the pleasure of having an Energy Session with Clara Jo and the experience was very special. I really felt a difference in the way my body felt after the service. I had a lot of tension and a feeling that I couldn't even breathe because of the anxiety that I suffer. I visited Clara Jo and since the moment we started talking, I felt an amazing connection with her and a sense of peace that I don't remember feeling before. After the Session, I was so relaxed that I went back home and was able to sleep the rest of the day. Thank you Clara Jo for your help and guidance. I can't wait to see you again.
- Paola S., FLORIDA
I have known Clara Jo for over thirty years. She is a warm loving person that is dedicated to helping people find healing and peace in their life and body. I have utilized her gifts on several occasions and I can say she is hugely GIFTED. I am a Spiritual Consultant and with the work I do , it can be draining. Knowing Clara is available when I need cleared and helped with internal healing brings me peace. Thank you Clara for your gift and your light!
- Laura Lyn - Psychic Medium, Ohio
I had my first ever Chakra Clearing & Balancing with Clara Jo and it was a very positive & enlightening experience for me. During the Clearing, when she was focused on problem areas, I could feel tingling and heat in those areas. About half way through the session, waves of peace & contentment kept washing over me & it got very intense towards the end. I've noticed that my sleep & digestion have improved & I also feel more clear-headed. Clara Jo was very helpful in answering all my questions & I'm excited to learn more about what she does. Looking forward to future visits!
- Tasha Owens, Florida
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