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Other Projects soon to be released:   
-Totem Animals: Meditation & Word Search!
-Third Eye Challenge Workbook: Psychic Develpment!

Support For Your Spiritual Journey

My goal is to help you re-imagine your life. With extensive experience in Intuitive Energy Healing, Angel Guidance, Coaching and a vast history of client success, my individualized holistic approach will help you attain your goals and transform your life. As a Speaker, be motivated and inspired about your connection to the Divine Matrix and your ability to tap into this frequency...

Feel the Energy Yourself! 
My Online Practice Makes It Easy To Connect 
from the comfort of your home, anywhere you are around the World!

Clara Jo provides 1:1 services through her Online Zoom Meeting Room for your convenience.

Whether it's an Energy Healing Session, Intuitive Reading or another of her services; you will find the same benefits as an in-person visit. 
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Sacred Expression Coaching
Clara Jo's Sacred Expression Coaching Guides you to your Goals.

It's time to Set Your Intention & Go After Your Dreams! Start exploring your own Spiritual Gifts or Start your own Spiritual Practice...Clara Jo will show you how.
What people are saying about Clara Jo...
I did a private session with Clara Jo. What an amazing experience. Her healing actually released so much pain in my neck and shoulders. She pinpointed areas of concern. It was revealed my empathic abilities; something I knew I had but couldn't put a word to it. She taught me, and provided the tools, to meditate and connect with my Angel's and spirit guides. I have a lot of work to do but Clara Jo gave me the ability and understanding to move forward with it.
- Terri Lyn Reed, Ohio
What's in a name?
Angelic Energy Coaching is a name Clara Jo created to describe her abilities in title form. Her connection and communication with the Angelic Realm gives her clear insight into her clients condition while conducting Intuitive Energy Healings & Chakra Clearing/Balancing. She then is able to counsel & coach her clients on the information she has received from the Angels to help their Mind, Body & Soul.

Clara Jo conducts 1:1 & group intuitive energy work & chakra balancing. She also clears deep seeded blocks that hold women back from meeting their true potential & success through the guidance of Archangel Metatron. Metatron has called upon Clara Jo to conduct this new technique called “Angelic Sacred Vibration”. A combination of sacred geometry & intuitive energy healing. Clara Jo feels honored and blessed that Archangel Metatron has partnered with her on this journey of helping women.
With her natural psychic abilities, Clara Jo connects you with Loved Ones, Angels & Spirit Guides. She is available for Personal or Group Sessions & Spiritual Coaching. 

Clara Jo also has created the on-demand course series: “Higher Self Transformational Coaching Series.” These self-paced courses use practical coaching principles & energy healing techniques to bring transformational change to women’s lives.
More ways to connect with Clara Jo
Follow her Video Podcast
Clara Jo is joined by Renowned Psychic Laura Lyn the wildly popular Facebook Live Video Podcast - "The Third Eye Challenge!" 
The ladies of the Angel Connection challenge you weekly with fun exercises to develop & strengthen your Third Eye for Psychic & Holistic Abilities. Join them Mondays @7pm EST US and take the challenge each week!
Grab Her Book
"Visualize and Harness Universal Energy: A Practical Guide for Working with Universal Energy In Everyday Life" 
Learn to visualize and harness the energy around us to improve your overall outlook on life. This practical how-to guide will walk you through simple step-by-step creative visualization techniques to bring more clarity, happiness and healing to your everyday life. You will be able to use these easy tips and techniques everyday to help with bad relationships, anxiety, psychic development and communication with Angels, Spirit Guides and your Animal Friends.
This book is for the meditation beginner as well as those who are familiar with creative visualization.
Available on Amazon!
Listen To Her Meditations
Take Clara Jo's beautiful Meditations and 10 Day Trainings with you. Listen on the popular meditation app - Insight Timer!
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